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Precious Metal Gold

Precious metals are infrequent, naturally occurring metallic chemical element of great economic value. They are normally malleable and have a high luster, and also be likely to be less volatile than most elements.


From the beginning of time, gold has been a symbol of wealth. Gold is a precious metal and its most expensive pure form is 24 karats. Naturally, gold is quite soft and ductile, its alloyed with other metals such as silver and copper in order to gain strength and firmness. This procedure may decrease its value to some extent; on the other hand the gold’s durability is enhanced.

It is common to find 18k and 14k gold crafted in jewelry where both are mixed with other metals to make them strong.

14-karat gold consists of 58.5% of pure gold and 41.5% of other metals, thus a ratio of 14:24. Jewelry of this fine quality is referred to as “14k”. In Europe, it is termed as “585”, displaying that its 58.5% gold. The gold color for this is not as rich as 18k gold, since ratio of other metals in this is higher.

18-karat gold consists of 75% of pure gold and 25% of other metals, thus a ratio of18:24. Jewelry of this fine quality is referred to as “18k”. In Europe, it is termed as “750”, meaning 75% gold.


The kind of metal alloys incorporated and the amount of each metal alloy is what determines the color of the gold.

White Gold- white gold is so appealing due to the silvery white character. In this alloy, the purest form of gold is mixed other metals such as palladium, zinc, copper and sometimes nickel or tin. Jewelry made from 18k and 14 k white gold turns out to have a slight yellow color due to the quantity of gold in them. A very hard white metal known as rhodium is used to coat the white gold to enrich the whiteness. If the plated jewelry piece is worn often, over time the rhodium may wear off, exposing the original metal color. Luckily the jewelry can be re-plated which is simply done to restore the jewelry whiteness.

Yellow Gold- the alloys are the ones that give gold a more saturated and rich shine, since naturally gold is yellow in color. This precious metal acquires its signature warmth after a proficient blend of pure gold with silver and copper.

Rose Gold- a copper alloy is used to have this gorgeous pink hue of rose gold jewelry. As mentioned earlier, the general percentages of metal alloys is unchanged, for rose gold as it is yellow or white, there is just a dissimilar blend in what alloys are used.

Pricing Of Gold

The price of gold is determined by;

  • The purity of the gold

  • The used karat weight on the piece

  • The market value of gold

  • The level of craftsmanship

  • The design of each jewelry piece

How to care for Gold Jewelry

Gold is expected to be affected by harsh chemicals such as chlorine or other cleaning products since it is a natural component. In order to lessen daily abrasions, it is advisable to remove your jewelry when using chemicals and you will extend the sheen. One can safeguard your gold jewelry from the elements of daily exposure by storing them in soft cloth bags. The gold jewelry should be cleaned using a soft-bristled brush and a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap.