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Diamond Care

Having a Professional care for your diamond

Every six months to a year, we recommend you to have your diamond professionally cleaned and inspected. For your diamond not to lose its value through damage, an yearly checkup is important since prongs can break or weaken with every day wear. The diamond will definitely endure its beauty and longevity if it’s taken to a proficient maintenance.

Rock Brilliance gives free cleanings and a prong checkup annually, for as long as the product is in your possession. These services include, tightening of all prongs to secure diamonds or gemstones, thorough cleaning and polishing and also rhodium plating for white metals.

For more information on these comprehensive services, get in touch with us and talk to our diamond and jewelry professional.

If you own a clarity enhanced diamond, make sure you inform your local jeweler that you could be using for your annual checkup, so that he may know the proper precautions to take. Incidents such as accidental torching that could occur; it would get rid of the augmentation. Luckily our Lifetime Treatment Guarantee has backed you up and all you need to do is ship the diamond to us and we will re-treatment your diamond at no cost. Continual satisfaction with your purchase is what you will enjoy as we promise no fees and no questions on such situations.

For the reason that these unanticipated mishaps do take place, we strongly urge that you insure your diamond against damage, loss or thievery.

Our Motto

We ensure to offer you a smarter and safer way to purchase any luxury custom jewelry online!

Rock Brillance has built an outstanding reputation as one of the topmost retailers of fine jewelry. Each of our diamonds is specially chosen by proficient gemologists to ensure all of our shoppers buy a faultless jewelry item. We are happy to guide you all-through the procedure with clear and truthful information, confirming that your selection echoes your individual panache and preference!