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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhancement procedure is a technique only done on natural earth mined diamonds where the diamonds beauty is maximized through optimizing the diamond’s clarity.

The diamond cutting course from jagged to refined makes some of the inclusions more visible to the naked eye as 99.99% from the diamonds in the world have inclusions. More fire and brilliance is added through the clarity enhancement process as inclusions are made less visible to the naked eye, hence improving the diamond’s clarity grade.

How clarity enhanced procedure is done

Every diamond has its unique “fingerprint” that are known as inclusions which are basically imperfections that are caused by the natural occurrence of diamonds. Feathers are other imperfections found in diamonds and they are seen as small white feather-shaped fractures in the diamond. As the diamond is growing underground, the tremendous stress causes the feather-shaped structures to form in the diamond. The stability of the diamond is never affected with the feathers; however they lower the diamond’s clarity as they deflect light as it passes through the diamond.

The clarity enhancement procedure is also usually known as “feather filling” where a patented solution that has ocular properties similar to diamonds is used to replace air trapped in the feather. This procedure helps light to travel through it without deflection since the inclusions that had blocked light refraction vanish. The clarity, fire and brilliance of the diamond are all considerably enhanced.

Is the clarity enhanced procedure permanent?

There are two kinds of procedures which are:

Reversible Procedure- In this procedure, the air in the inclusion is replaced with certain elements. It means that the inclusion is still there but the formula makes them less visible. The diamond can return to its previous condition naturally or with an expertise procedure. It will be just as it was before enhancement only with an inclusion. The clarity enhanced process can be done frequently with no extreme effects.

Irreversible procedure- laser drilling is the procedure by which high powered lasers are used to burn out inclusions from inside out in a diamond. A hole that goes from deep inside a diamond to the surface is made rather than the other way round. Once this procedure is done, the diamond will forever stay like this.

The flash result

The flash effect is the displayed line of a bright color that is normally blue, red or purple seen at the point of augmentation of a diamond; hence all clarity diamonds have it. Although we trust in personalized approach to clarity enhancement that is why to us all clarity enhanced diamonds are not the same.

We apply dissimilar techniques on the type of inclusions, making us stand out from other manufacturers that use similar techniques on all kinds of inclusions. We use an exclusive tactic that reduces the flash effect making it only noticeable with the aid of a jeweler’s microscope or loupe or only on the pavilion side of the stone. The flash cannot be seen without magnification as the pavilion is hidden when the diamond is set in a ring or other piece of jewelry.

The flash effect has a great significance as jewelers take the accurate precautions when doing their repairs once they see the flash so as not to take out the enhancement.

Lifetime warranty

Rock Brilliance lifetime warranty is to ensure our clients understand that whenever something may happen to the enhancement, we will be happy to re-treat the diamond for free, no questions asked. We are delighted to provide a lifetime warranty on the treatment for all of our Feather Filling diamonds.

We have a surety with the integrity of our diamond’s enhancement procedures where the only elements that are likely to damage our work are boiling acids and bases or the flame of a torch. Nonetheless, basic measures such as at-home cleaning or daily wear stand no risks to the diamond’s enhancement.

Advantages of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhancement is the premium of natural diamond cures. This highly urbane scientific procedure brings abundant incomparable advantages. Simply put, it’s harder to find a greater deal on natural diamonds. The main benefits of clarity enhanced diamonds are;

Affordable Pricing- Clients can attain a larger diamond within their budget without sacrificing quality as clarity enhanced diamonds can be up to 50% less costly than non-enhanced diamonds.

Advanced Clarity- clarity enhancement procedure can upgrade the clarity of a diamond by up to two grades. However, the diamond has to be high quality from the start; for instance, a VS2 grade diamond has the potential to become a VVS2 grade.

Added Fire and Brilliance- As a feature of an upgraded clarity, the enhancement procedure also produces an outstanding fire and adds brilliance by at least 3 times.

What to know about Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

The clarity enhancement procedure has no absolute effect on the color or weight of the diamond as the material used to fill the inclusions are too minuscule to add on the original carat weight.

Only under 10x magnification loupe, that you can see the distinction between clarity enhanced diamond and a non-clarity enhanced diamond. A flash of color only unique to clarity enhanced diamonds would be noted under the magnification vision.

Clarity enhanced diamonds generally offer great benefits over non-enhanced diamonds.